2017-2018 Fee Schedule and Check List 

Application Fee 

  • $395.00 (General Program)
  • $1000.00 (U-Express Program)
  • $100.00 (PR or Citizen)

ESL Fee 

  • $2200.00

Tuition Fee 

  • $16,700.00 per school year (General Program)
  • $8,500.00 per school semester (General Program)
  • $26700.00 per school year(U- Express Program)
  • $11,500.00 per school year(PR or Citizen)

Accommodation (including 3 meals and custodianship) 

               Option 1:Student Residence

Room Type Student Number Monthly Rate
Room w/Exclusive Bath 1 student/room 15000.00 CAD
2 student/room 12000.00 CAD
Room w/ Shared Bath 1 student/room 13000.00 CAD
2 student/room 11000.00 CAD 

Option 2:Home Stay

$12000.00/school year

Other Fees

Pay Before Visa Approval 

  • First Student Visa Application:$2200 
  • Custodianship  $2200.00
  • Legal Fee for Notarization (for students under 18)  $160.00
  • Shipping Fee for Letter of Acceptance : $150.00

Pay After Visa Approval 

  • Medical Insurance : $650 per year
  • Books and materials : $550 per year
  • School Uniform Fee:$360

Sports and Gym Fee:

  • $2600 per year
  • $560.00 per year
  • Activity Fee:$320.00 per year
  • Emergency Deposit $1000.00 refundable
  • Airport Pick-up and drop off : $200.00 per school year

Please note: Scholarship or subsidies will be given to qualified students or families. For more information, please email the school’s Administration Office at:  info@waterlooss.ca



The application fee is non-refundable and should be submitted with the completed application Form and other documents. International students must pay the tuition fee in order to receive a Letter of Acceptance to apply for or renew their visa or study permit.

  1. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, certified cheque, bank draft or wire transfer. There will be a CAD$40 charge for any returned cheque, and the subsequent school fees will be accepted in bank draft only.
  2. If payment is made by Telegraphic Transfer, please fax the Remittance Form copy from the bank.
  3. The accommodation fee and accommodation deposit must be paid in full before moving in.
  4. The deposit will be refunded in full only if there is no damage to the school facilities and no owing balance to the school. If the deposit is not sufficient to pay the owing balance, the student will pay the additional amount before signing off school.
  5. The medical insurance plan entitles the student to be covered in North America during the valid period. The medical insurance fee is non-refundable and has to be paid before arrival.
  6. In the event that a Letter of Acceptance is issued on behalf of a student for visa or passport extension purposes, there will be no tuition refund unless the extension is rejected. Proof from Canadian Immigration or Embassies must be provided in order to receive a refund.
  7. If a student is granted a student visa and decides not to study at WISS, there will be no tuition refund under any conditions.
  8. If a student decides to move out of school residence, there will be no refund for the accommodation paid.


The custodian will put effort to take care of the student while he/she is in Canada and look for the safety issues. However, the custodian doesn’t responsible for the student’s accidents, health problem, criminal issues and so on. The custodianship fee is non-refundable. The custodian services include the following items:

  1. Signing custodian documents for visa purpose;
  2. Being the urgent contact for the student;
  3. Tracking the student’s education situation in school;
  4. Contacting and communicating the parent(s);
  5. Signing school documents for the student;
  6. Consulting for the student (for example: university application, education plan, personal concern and etc.)