As educators, we at Waterloo Independent Secondary School share a deep commitment to the success of every student, and, as professionals, we work to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex society. We continually ask ourselves this question: How can we deepen our knowledge and expand our professional practice not only to support our valued students, but to celebrate their presence in our classrooms and enrich their learning experience?


We believe that a healthy body sustains a healthy mind. Our parental care environment extends to all aspects of student life both in and outside of school. Our school nurtures good nutritional habits to build success in school and in life.

Psychological well-being is essential to good learning and WISS pays close attention to students to ensure that they are happy and well-adjusted to school and social life. We address, for example, conflicts with peers, difficulties adapting to life in Canada, unstable relationships, etc.


We believe that self-worth and confidence grow from independent thinking. Our school provides pathways in academic and social life that help students make good decisions. Good decisions lead to good life choices.


We inculcate sound habits of academic and civic citizenship in students through example. Modeling good behaviour in and out of school influences students’ actions and fosters leadership.