Principal's Bio

Mr. Sebastian completed his B.A. in Modern Languages and Literatures and his B.Ed. at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, his M.A. in Spanish at the University of Madrid, and his M.Ed., in Curriculum and Administration at the University of Toronto.

During his more than 40 years as an educator, administrator, public servant, and management consultant, Mr. Sebastian has developed a very significant knowledge base and sound, practical experience with international and Canadian-based education and training programs at the high school and post-secondary levels. From 1989 to 2005, Mr. Sebastian worked as an Education Officer in the Ontario Ministry of Education. His responsibility included curriculum policy development and oversight of both policy and operations relating to the inspection of Ontario-approved private schools within the province and internationally.

Mr. Sebastian has had extensive experience in managing a number of large-scale projects at the provincial level. He was appointed by the government to plan and implement the divestiture of direct service education programs previously offered by the Ministry of Education. He has managed several key government funding programs, including Ontario’s multi-million dollar fund to restructure district school boards.

Subsequent to his retirement from the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2005, Mr. Sebastian established Access Education Inc. and has been involved in several projects both internationally and in Ontario. While resident in China in 2005, he acted as senior manager for a joint educational project between a university in Canada and in Chongqing, China and as senior advisor for the competition for professional training programs let by Shanghai’s Ministry of Labour. Subsequently, Mr. Sebastian was appointed principal and supervising officer of Harbor View High School in Tianjin, China, a school that taught the Ontario curriculum. Mr. Sebastian has also been involved in educational initiatives in Bangladesh. He was invited by an Ontario school board to conduct a major study of international education. Mr. Sebastian has also provided consultation services to private schools in Ontario on matters related to curriculum and management.

Mr. Sebastian was instrumental in the establishment of Professional Development Seminars with the aim of providing consistent high-quality educational and administrative support to private schools. PDS evolved into a key service organization provincially, serving the needs of private schools. He currently serves as a member of the Advisory Board for Independent and Private Schools (IPSAB).

In addition to his own management consulting business, Mr. Sebastian is currently Director of Education of Canadian International Academy in Shanghai and Principal of Waterloo Independent Secondary School, a private school in Ontario.

Mr. Sebastian has written several articles on education in China and is a frequent speaker in Canada and in the international arena. He has presented at the Guangdong University of Finance, in China and at Australia’s annual International Education Conference as well as at various other international and Canadian forums. Mr. Sebastian has appeared in many media reports on education.

The focus of Mr. Sebastian’s international work is the design and implementation of sustainable educational projects with Canada’s key international partners.

Principal's Message

At Waterloo Independent Secondary School, we understand the challenges that students face, in particular students who are new to Canada. Parents choose to send their children to Waterloo Independent Secondary School with the expectation that they will be admitted to a Canadian university of their choice and that they will graduate successfully. Parents entrust their children to us and place all their hopes in us for their children’s future. Our obligation is to earn the trust of both students and their parents. Our mission is to support students in making decisions that will help them reach their goals.

We have great expectations for all of our students. We want them to show enthusiasm for learning English well. We work hard to foster a spirit of independence in them because we know how important it is for their success in university and college. We want them to develop in character so that they are well prepared when they leave school and go into the workplace

Waterloo Independent SS encourages students to be diligent in their school work, to persevere through difficult times, and to do their best. With the guidance of teachers and school administration, our students will reach their port of dreams. It is with great pride that we watch our graduates go off to university. Our confidence in their success comes knowing that they have had excellent teachers and strong guidance along the way.