The Focused Day 

Our school begins each day with a prayer group before school which is open to all students. We have integrated credited, themed bible study during first period classes everyday for the Christian program. This program is designed to fit into the Ontario English Curriculum. We alternate between New and Old Testament books. Our goal is for each student to grow in their knowledge and leadership skills and be able to lead the study group. All courses of study foster and encourage the use of Christian perspectives in class work and assignments. Imagine the power and conviction that comes into the lives of students who learn to put God first in their lives and learn to "Put on the while armour of God". 

Holistic Engaging Programs 


Our Integrated Christian program takes full advantage of all the academic courses at WISS. Students will embark on an educational journey like none other. Coupled with the solid Christian foundation, students will dive into their learning through the lens of scientists, mathematicians and artists. Incorporating STEM technology is a key for 21st century education and we are preparing students to be leaders in the changing technological world. The well-being of the every student is at the forefront of everything we do. Our student-first policy is to apply a holistic approach to education, strengthening the emotional and mental wellness of a student. We support students by setting our intentions and developing a growth mindset.

Student Ministry


Every high school student in Ontario is required to complete community involvement hours. In many cases these hours become less meaningful than they are intended to be. Our answer to this is to help our Christian students find a greater meaning in their service by developing a ministry with real significance both to the students and the world around them. Students learn to take initiative and lead as they develop their ministry, focus their goals and work to accomplish their purpose. 

School Standards


Core Christian values are the foundation of our school standards and student code of conduct. Students and teachers are required to adhere to these standards. 

Some of the core values upheld by our staff and students include modesty, chastity, civility, self respect, respectful language and polite behaviour. 

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