A personalized learning model with student/teacher interaction is fundamental for effective learning online. The Ontario curriculum requires students to engage in active, authentic, and cooperative and collaborative activities. 


Our online instruction and assessment model reflects the Ministry’s direction. Teachers are an essential component of online learning and students must have opportunities to engage synchronously with teachers.

Face to Face

Live Lectures

Real-time Communication

Unlike most online school methods of recording and  teaching or online self-study, the WISS Online course is based on a live video conference, which allows students to communicate with teachers and break the difficulty of online teaching and communication.


OSSD Ontario High School Gr. 9-12

Canadian high school credit courses in Ontario, including nearly 100 courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts and so on. This program is based on the Ontario High School Curriculum Outline. Qualified courses can be credited to meet graduation and university application requirements.

Ontario Gr. 7-8

Grades seven to eight courses include English, Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts, Social Sciences and other many others. These courses are designed to prepare students for a more advanced level of study in secondary school. 

Advanced Placement 

The AP course (advanced prerequisite course) is a course taught by the University Council High School course. After the course is completed, you will receive university credits after passing the exam. AP courses include calculus, statistics, physics, marco and micro economics, etc.




Celebrate special regional gatherings and holidays  




Live online teaching, online learning, and same day interaction with skilled teachers.

Self-study to complete homework and tasks.

Live tutoring to answer questions in real time. Online live clubs are more active, such as debates, writing, lectures, etc., to promote student development in many ways.




Victoria Day

Canada Day


Designated Personal Study Plan

Each student’s personal learning plan includes comprehensive information on university goals, professional admission requirements, high school academic progress, and license status, laying a smooth passage to the university. 

Progress Report

The report of the teacher’s performance in each unit summarizes the current learning status in an all-round way, and changes the learning status in a timely manner when problems are found.

Monthly Guidance Meetings

One-on-one meeting with professional academic planning teachers, review goals periodically, follow up on learning progress, and clarify the direction of efforts.

Chinese service for parents

The school-run student service department provides Chinese services, and parents can always contact the student counsellor in Chinese. 

Academic report for each unit 

Each unit of study report provides parents with comprehensive school information: Academic performance level, classroom performance, homework completion, and attendance.

Constant communication with teachers and counsellors

When students encounter academic problems, they can contact the teacher at any time by email to answer academic questions. The student counsellor communicates with the students to follow up the learning. 

Quarterly Meeting

Every quarter, a meeting of classmates is held inked areas of the country to meet social needs and enrich interpersonal networks.




The fee is for each academic year and includes eight credits, club activities, student academic planning, and student services. The cost per semester is $9,000. Currency in Canadian dollars. 



Application & Registration

Students need to submit the registration form, transcripts and identity certificates for the past two years, and the school will review the students results 


Official Admission Notice Issuance

After the tuition is received, the school will issue a formal admission notice and payment receipt.


Pre-admission Notice Issuance 

After the student information is approved, the school will issue a pre-admission notice and payment notice, and the parents will pay according to the payment notice.



Students prepare for the start of school according to the admission requirements, such as downloading 

Start to Learn!

Listen carefully in class, actively participate in school club activities, and seek problems with teachers and student counsellors in time.



The fee is for each academic year and includes eight credits, club activities, student academic planning, and student services. The cost per semester is $9,000. Currency in Canadian dollars. 

Live Online Teaching

Live Club Activities 

Live Streaming 

Academic Planning

Live Student Service 

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