STEM Lab Camp


Are you interested in STEM?

In these difficult times and waves of COVID-19, lockdowns, and isolation, physical activities, sports, outdoor learning, and activities, in general, like coding and robotics, are more than ever critical for children’s development. We are planning to use the opportunities given to the full potential to help your child in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good mental and physical health and learn all at the same time. We want to create an environment that cherishes the joys of childhood and youth. We want to give our next generation meaningful skills, values, joys, and memories that will last lifelong. 

About us

We are a Waterloo innovative company that understands the need for digital skills required in the near future, where we will be living most of our life.   Our learning technologies and curriculum, engage learners of all ages and levels (K-12, college, university, and corporate professionals). Our robotics classes, coding classes and outdoors learning run year-round in different formats, virtual and in-person. When the virtuals program require hardware kit(robotics, electronics, etc) we will arrange the lease/purchasing of them to facilitate the delivery of the course.


What we offer


  • Introduction to Robotics

  • Introduction to Coding

  • Junior Maker-space

  • Enrichment Academy 

  • Eco School Technology 2-8

  • Outdoor Explorations K-8

  • Robotics Applications