Summer Courses

Waterloo Independent Secondary School

Date: July 5-30, 2021

At WISS, we offer our summer program every year. The students have the chance to continue their learning during the summer break. Visit our course information by clicking on Online Courses.

University of Waterloo Math Contest Prep

Gauss/Fryer for Grade 8 to 10
Monday 12pm-1pm 
Dr. Farahi

University of Waterloo Math Contest Prep

Euclid for Grade 10-12

Tuesday 12pm-1pm


Dr. Farahi

Grade 12 Preparatory Course: Chemistry

Unit 1: Organic Chemistry

Structure and Properties of Matter

Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction

Chemical Systems and Equilibrium


Monday-Friday 1pm-2pm


Dr. Farahi

Grade 12 Preparatory Course: Physics


Energy and Momentum

Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic Fields

The Wave Nature of Light

Revolutions in Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity

Monday-Friday 2.15pm-3.15pm


Dr. Farahi

Grade 12 Preparatory Course: Calculus

Unit 1: Rate of Change

Unit 2: Derivatives

Unit 3: Curve Sketching

Unit 4: Intro into Vectors

Unit 5: Cross and Dot Product

Unit 6: Lines and Planes

Monday-Friday 3.30pm-4.30pm


Dr. Farahi

University of Waterloo Computing Competition Prep

Beaver Computing Challenge for Grade 7/8

Tusesday 10am-11am


Mr. Ashgar

University of Waterloo Computing Competition Prep

Beaver Computing Challenge for Grade 9/10

Tuesday 11am-12pm


Mr. Ashgar

University of Waterloo Computing Competition Prep

Canadian Computing Competition for Grade 11/12

Wednesday 10am-11am


Mr. Ashgar

Python Intermediate Level for Grade 7 to 10
Week 1: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Week 2: Interface Design

Week 3: Data Management

Week 4: 2D Games

Wednesday 11am-12pm 

Mr. Asghar

Java for Grade 7 to 10
Install Java/Eclipse, Variables, Comments, Math Operations
Loops/Nested Loops/If Statements/Functions and Inputs
Design: Choose your own adventure game
Arrays: Make your own program
Wednesday and Thursday 10am-11am 


Shakespeare Study for
Grade 7 to 10
The Merchant of Venice
- Close Reading

- Analysing Theme

- Cultural References

- Character Development

- Plot Structure

- Comedy

Wednesday and Thursday 11am-12pm


Ms. Kirby


Writing for Grade 7 to 10

Writing Techniques for High School Preparation

CER/TEXAS/Persuasive/News Report




Mr. Madigan

Writing for International Students
Writing Skills for IELTS/TOEFL

Friday 11am-12pm


Mr. Madigan

Mr. Farahi

Mr. Farahi holds both chemical engineering (M.Sc) and chemistry degrees (Ph.D.). With more than four years of experience in teaching science and engineer concepts, he is passionate about teaching mathematics and sciences that can be applied in real-world applications.


Come and join Mr. Farahi this summer on his journey for a deep understanding of math and science concepts.

Mr. Asghar

Mr. Asghar is focused on Systems Design Engineering for his Master’s degree, his research focused on the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He is also passionate about teaching programming at school level and has taught it at different levels, from grade 2 all the way up to grade 12, using tools such as Scratch and Python.


Pursue your coding potential with Mr. Asghar!

Ms. Kirby

Ms. Kirby considers herself an expert in Literature as well as History. Her teaching approach centres on literacy for all, as she believes that reading and writing hold the key to success and to creating global citizens. While she has explored a wide variety of literature, she has consistently studied and delivered classes on over 10 of Shakespeare’s historic plays, as well as many of his other writings.


Step in Shakespeare’s world with Ms. Kirby!

Mr. Newson

Mr. Newson is a firm believer in project-based learning. As a technology teacher at Waterloo Independent Secondary School for over 5 years and in Nanjing, China for seven years. Mr. Newson’s students have been creating projects that capture the potential of his students. His classes are always engaging and have a lot of fun.


Join one of Mr. Newson's classes to create your spectacular project!

Mr. Madigan

Mr. Madigan started his teaching career over a decade ago and has taught in three different countries. Mr. Madigan is passionate about literature and literacy in all forms. He believes that modern literacy must include digital and media literacy. 


He has taught English across all secondary grades and to a wide variety of students from diverse backgrounds and levels of ability.


Come join Mr. Madigan on your writing journey!