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Canadian Students 

Waterloo Independent Secondary School follows a simple and thorough admissions process. From the initial application, interview, and orientation, we are will you every step of the way. 

Apply online or join us at our next open house! We would be happy to provide you with more information. Please feel free to contact us. 

Admission Process – Domestically Transferring


1. Please bring your current school credit summary for evaluation.
2. WISS creates your study plan according to your credit summary.
3. WISS issues pre-admission if you are accepted.


1. Complete your International Student Registration Form (if applicable)
2. Make Payment (Please refer to the information on the invoice regarding the fees)

OSR Transferring 

WISS will send a Ministry Standard letter to your current school to inform your registration with us and request transferring your OSR to WISS.

Visa Related (if applicable)

1. WISS admissions office issues the “Letter of Acceptance” and tuition receipt.
2. WISS will support you to submit the visa application.


If you have any other requests or questions, please contact WISS student services office at

Fee Schedule Canadian Students 2020/2021

1st Year Enrolment 

Subsequent Year(s) Enrolment 

Other Fees



Academic Tuition 


Textbooks & Classroom Materials



For Purchase

Application Fee 


Academic Tuition 


Textbooks & Classroom Materials




Multi-student Discount


Financial Aid 




Tuition Reduction Opportunities:



Entrance Scholarships are awarded to students to help them further their talents and interests. $3,000

1.   Academic Scholarship

  •  Awarded to the student who has demonstrated dedication, ability and passion for learning

2.   Community Involvement Scholarship

  •  Awarded to the student who has demonstrated dedication to community service in Waterloo.

3.   Athletic Scholarship

  • Awarded to student who has demonstrated athletic dedication, ability and sportsmanship.

4.   Artistic Scholarship

  • Awarded to student who has demonstrated dedication, ability, and creativity in the arts.


Financial Aid Bursary - TBD

The amounts granted are based on family income, current financial commitments, and circumstances.

    - Granted to families who meet the                financial standards.

Number of People in Household

Income not Exceeding






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