Mr. Sebastian completed his B.A. in Modern Languages and Literatures and his B.Ed. at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, his M.A. in Spanish at the University of Madrid, and his M.Ed., in Curriculum and Administration at the University of Toronto.

Mr. Sebastian is one of the founders of Waterloo Independent Secondary School, a private school in Waterloo Region, Ontario. He had been served for WISS as a senior advisor, principal and currently he is the director of the school. 

Principal, Director of Education

Mr. J. Sebastian 


Leilei Cheng picture.JPG

Ms. Leilei Cheng is one of the co-founders of Waterloo Independent Secondary School. Since 2009, along with Mr. Sebastian, she has managed and supervised WISS staff.

Ms. Cheng's care makes WISS feel like home for students. Her extensive experience with student guidance has helped WISS graduates successfully move on to post-secondary studies.

Director of Operations

Ms. L. Cheng 


Mr. R. Madigan

English & Arts

Mr. Madigan holds a Bachelor of Design (BDes) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (GradDipTchg Primary) and started his teaching career in 2012 in New Zealand and has taught from Grades 1-12 in three different countries, whilst holding various leadership positions during this time. He teaches English and the Arts, Physical Education, Humanities, and Business. Admittedly he has a soft spot for English!

“English is one of my favorite subjects to teach because it is one of the few subjects where you can be the creator.” Mr. Madigan is a very creative and engaging teacher and is often a favourite with the students, pushing them to reach their personal excellence.

Some say that he puts a lot of time and effort, most likely due to his warm and passionate heart! "When you start to unpack a story, movie, or a poem and you start to see their eyes open a little bit more, that's when you know you've got them!".

Mr. N. Farahi

Math & Science

Mr. Farahi is holding both chemical engineering (M.Sc) and a chemistry degree (Ph.D.). With more than four years of experience in teaching OSSD science and engineering concepts, he is passionate about teaching mathematics and sciences that can be applied in real-world applications. Mr. Farahi is known as a very thorough teacher who not only helps students to achieve the curriculum expectations but also prepares them for future post-secondary knowledge of the subjects.

Mr. B. Newson

Senior Math & Technology

Mr. Newson is a believer in project-based learning. As a technology teacher at Waterloo Independent Secondary School for over five years and in China for seven years. Mr. Newson’s students have been creating wonderful projects. His classes are always engaging and have a lot of fun.

Ms. A. Robinson


Ms. Amy Robinson holds a master degree and has been teaching music for almost 20 years and has helped students through exams, auditions, and performances. Outside of our class she also runs a music school called the Cambridge Conservatory of Music where she teaches piano and violin lessons along with a team of other musicians.

Mr. A. Asghar

Science & Computers 

Mr. Asghar majors in Systems Design Engineering for his master’s degree. His research focused on the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He is also passionate about teaching programming at the school level and has taught it at different levels, from grade 2 all the way up to grade 12, using tools such as Scratch and Python. 

Ms. H. Kirby

English Literature

Ms. Kirby is an experienced teacher and teaches English Literature at Waterloo Independent Secondary School. She is passionate about teaching literature at any level but especially the works of William Shakespeare!

Staff Jz.png
Ms. J. Zhang

Student Services 

Odds are if you pick up the phone, Jazzy will be the person to greet you! She is a kind and considerate individual, often thinking of others before herself. It is no surprise that she is a WISS alumnae! Jazzy is one of the main reasons why WISS runs so smoothly, communicating information to teachers, parents, students, and administration.