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University Express Program

WISS UEP Information

The WISS UEP ensures students meet the requirements of the Canadian universities’ admissions. Students from Canada and overseas who demonstrate outstanding performance are eligible to apply for UEP.


Students who enroll in the UEP will be prepared from a variety of perspectives for academic, extra-curricular, contests, language level which the Top Universities in Canada require.

Please contact for more information about the admission process or view below to see how the University Express Program works at WISS.

Process and Student Support

Conditional Admission

Application Review by WISS ​

Online Interview with WISS Director

Submission of Writing Assignment




Review and Interview

WISS reviews the application when the complete package is received to certify that the applicant meets the basic application requirements. Following the certification, the applicant is invited to participate in an online discussion with the WISS Director. The purpose of the discussion is to judge the applicant’s language competency. The applicant will also be asked to submit a writing assignment.

Admission to UEP

Classroom Observation
Assessment of English

Final Admission

Letter of acceptance to parents requesting confirmation along with the checklist for program support


First week of school - September

WISS Language Support


Writing effectively in English

Speaking well in English



September to University Acceptance

University Application with WISS Support 


Set pin with OUAC - Late September

Log in and complete general information


Submit University Application

- Research Information about universities and programs - September-November

- Make decisions - December

- Select universities and programs - December-January

Follow up University emails and submission status


Submit IELTS or other language proficiency results (best result to date) - January

Submit Personal Profile - February-March

Submit reference letters for scholarship application - February-March

Re-submit IELTS (or other proficiency test results) - April

Receiving offers - April-May

Write a personal profile

Step 1: Layout - October

Step 2: Writing Practice - November

Step 3: Editing - December
Step 4: Finalising - January

Step 5: Submission  - February-March

Prepare for the Interview

Step 1: Get familiar with questions - October

Step 2: Speaking practice - November

Step 3: Mock Interviews - December

Step 4: Mock Interviews - January

Step 5: Interview - February-March

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