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Enriched Program of OSSD

Waterloo Independent Secondary School (WISS) recognises that students with strong academic credentials, a clear interest in their studies, and a focused goal for their post-secondary program may wish to accelerate their progress through WISS. WISS offers these students a pathway forward through the University Express Program.


Candidates must submit an application package :

1. WISS Application Form 

2. Application Fee

3. Current academic record in English Recommendation letter from a teacher with comments specifically on:

        - English proficiency

        - Academic achievement 

        - Study habits 

5. IELTS score requirement: 

        - 5.0 from Grade 10 applicants 

        - 6.0 for Grade 11 applicants 

6. Personal statement describing character, interests, and the reason for applying to the UEP at WISS. ​

Review and Interview

WISS reviews the application when the complete package is received to certify that the applicant meets the basic application requirements. Following the certification, the applicant is invited to participate in an online discussion with the WISS Director. The purpose of the discussion is to judge the applicant’s language competency. The applicant will also be asked to submit a writing assignment.

Conditional Admission


After certification and a successful initial language assessment, WISS will forward a letter of acceptance granting conditional admission to the UEP with an invoice for payment. Final decision about acceptance into the program is made once the student arrives at WISS.   



The student is responsible for following the visa application process.

Arrival and Acceptance into the UEP


The final stage of the process occurs on arrival at WISS. During the first week of class, teachers observe the student in order to judge language and academic proficiency. In addition, the Director conducts a language proficiency assessment.

Once all requirements are met successfully, WISS confirms acceptance into the program in a letter to parents.

If a student does not meet the requirements for admission to the UEP, 50% of tuition will be refunded.

Student Success


WISS provides the student with a program tailored to their needs for university admission into the program of their choice.


WISS supports the UEP student with additional language practice  and in preparing their university application.

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